Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Losing inches & keeping myself to myself.

I am a tad bored with my blog. I am thinking of starting up a new one where I can be a little bit different, but I haven't completely sorted it out yet. I think that one of the reasons I haven't been here much lately is because I have been doing other things ...

I had always thought that I would be a slightly overweight person - not massively, but increasing with age. As time has gone on I noticed my tummy changing to a little bit of a barrel shape and thought that the change was just life. I have tried diets every now and again and realise that food has always been a very important part of my life - as both a comfort and a pleasure.

However, I started a new regime in November and I am the fittest and slimmest I have been in a long time. I will probably write about this new way of life, because that is what it is, at another time, but suffice to say for now I am eating less, eating far more healthily and exercising nearly every day. Weight is dropping off me, as are inches. So far I have lost 3 inches around my waist, 3 inches round my hips and 4 inches round my boobs. Its brilliant!

The photo below is me after a work out - knackered. But happy! I am enjoying working out rather than sitting at my laptop!

The photos below are my usual landscapes. I just love the countryside around where I live and am always stopping to take pictures, particularly of the sky.

I haven't joined up to the 365 linky because last time I did the code messed up my blog, but if you go to The Boy and Me you will find links to other blogs who are taking part.

I am finding myself distancing myself a little bit from the world of blogging. There are some lovely people and some interesting blogs out there, but there are also lots of people who seem to be all about "me, me, me". I have tried in the past to be supportive, to link to other blogs, but recently I have been irritated by people who just don't seem to reciprocate. I'm not saying that this applies to anyone you know, but I think that if I back off a bit and just enjoy writing and posting photos as a diary for myself then I won't get annoyed.

Having said that there are also a core of very lovely, kind and genuine people out there who support me come rain or shine and have done for a long time. Perhaps I just need to be picky and enjoy those people?

Its easy sometimes to feel a bit left out of the "blogging world". But if I keep myself to myself and not expect to be part of it all then I won't be disappointed. Am I sounding curmudgeonly? I hope not. 


joy said...

I understand exactly how you feel with regard to blogging, I now just blog for me, I really dont worry about joining in linkies or whatever, but I have a group of people whose blogs I read and I know read mine, and we keep each other motivated. I'm currently doing a 365 but its just for me, not linked to anything or anyone else. My blog now is mostly just my photos!
I'm very excited to hear about your regime, I'm fiddle-farting around with 5/2 but not getting very far very fast, maybe I'm just not committed enough.
Please let me know if/when you start a new blog, dont want to lose you.
Joy x x


Kudos for making yourself a happier person. When we start taking care of ourselves our life changes for the better. I'm in the process of learning to do this. I lost my husband in November 13 and am having to learn to take care of ME. I helped him for many years as he had health issues. Miss him like crazy but am trying to put my grief to work moving myself forward.
Good luck to whatever endeavor you choose next in the blogging world. Barb

Kara Segedin said...

I have to say you have the most amazing looking skin in that pic! Any secrets? :-)

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Joy.I'm glad you understand.I will definitely let you know if I start a new blog!x

Hi Barb. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. It must be very hard to move forward... I can't imagine.Thank you for your comment. x

Hello Kara! Well thank you!! I've always looked after my skin and have used Clinique for years. Probably lucky genetically too! x

Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe said...

Sarah, I completely understand! I've gotten myself into a situation where it's kind of a competition thing. That's not what I was looking for. What happened to just blogging to blog and making new friends along the way? I feel I do have that with several and I think that may be where I need to put my focus. So, let's just start up our own little club? How's that?!
Good on you for making some health changes. I need to, but I so lack motivation to do it! Ugh!
I still think back on our long chat at the tea! I so enjoyed it! We must do it again! =) I hope to still see you around in this space!! Cuddles!!

Morgan Prince said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself and well done on the weight loss. I too have been taking care of myself more lately. Although not doing as well as I could.

I hope that you can find your love of blogging again, I think that keeping yourself to yourself is a good idea. This way you bring in people who just want to hear what you have to say instead of those who feel the need to compete.

Morgan x

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Tina and Morgan!
It seems there are more of us than I realised who feel this way! You are right Morgan about getting readers by writing interesting content - thats the way to do it! And Tina, yes - lets start a little club! Non-competitive, interesting writing! I think you do that already! Mine is non-competitive, but I need to work on the interesting!!

Urban Cynic said...

I think you're still definitely over thinking it. It depends what and who your blog is for - if it's just for you then don't worry about it, and if it's for other people then decide what you want to say and why.

I have 4 blogs:

1) My personal blog which hardly anyone follows or comments on but is for me.

2) A private blog that I use as a diary

3) A business blog that gets around 1300K hits a month and helps with my SEO and builds my contact list.

4) Another business blog that gets 23-32K (yes that's thousand!) hits a month and is there to bring in new business, raise my SEO & bring in a passive income.

I'm no Jon Morrow but both business blogs get a lot of traffic and focus on helping people to do things - the ppl that read them couldn't care less about me, they just want to know what's in it for them. I show them how to do stuff and some of the decide to hire me instead. It's not about me, it's all about them.

My personal blog is just for me, is all about me, me, me and is the one I enjoy writing the most.

What do you want to get from yours? x

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hmmmm.... interesting.Your comment has made me think about things differently.Thanks Urban. x