Friday, 28 March 2014

Same sex marriage ... hurrah!!!

Tonight, at midnight, same sex marriage will be legal in England and Wales. All over the country couples will be tying the marital knot, joined by their loved ones in a celebration of love and equality. On the news this morning I saw a couple who were to be married just after midnight at Brighton pavilion. They looked excited and yet quite serious in their realisation that their marriage would be not only a union of two people who loved each other, but also a step forward into a more enlightened society.

When I married my husband, 22 years ago, we married because we loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of our days together. I remember looking around the wedding reception at the smiling faces of our friends and family and I remember being filled with joy that every person in that room loved us... every person in that room was happy that we had found each other.

There will be no difference tonight when same sex couples marry. Whether they be two men or two women they will look out at a sea of smiling faces and they will know that they are loved.

The only thing that is shocking about same sex marriage is that it has taken so long to be made legal.

For me the fundamental point of marriage is that two people who love each other make a commitment to each other and are bound together in law. It doesn't matter who they are, what their jobs are, what colour their skin is, what religion they follow. What matters is that they are two human beings who are in a loving and committed relationship. 

I simply don't understand why anyone should consider it ok to deny that basic human right to their fellow Man, or Woman. 

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As a spokesman from Stonewall said: "Same-sex couples are living in committed, loving relationships and people have realised that the sky has not fallen in," 

And the sky will not fall in. The best thing that can happen is for same sex marriage to be accepted as absolutely normal .... just one of the things you do as a couple. Some people get married, others don't. Some people have children, others don't. Your sexuality should not matter a jot. Your journey through life should surely be about the person you are, the acts of kindness, the difference you make in a positive way.

Maybe my view is a simplistic one, but I don't really care. Does life have to be complicated? Fundamentally the human spirit seeks to love and be loved. If two people want to show the world their love by marrying each other then they should have that right.

I am so happy that marriage is now open to everyone. It is a wonderful thing and I congratulate you if you are planning your wedding, whoever you are.


Anonymous said...

At last love found a wayl I want a gay vicar I know to have this freedom.

Josh Rinkenbaugh said...

Thank you so much for writing this! I'm hoping that in the next year, same-sex marriage will be legal throughout the USA. Patrick and I got married in New York last year, and now we've having issues filing our state income tax returns - since our marriage is not recognized where we earn money - but the federal government DOES recognize it. Such a mess.

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi Josh! How lovely to hear from you and CONGRATULATIONS!!! to you and Patrick.I hope same sex marriage is made legal throughout the US too. I just don't understand why anyone would be against it. Take care hon xxx