Saturday, 20 January 2007

Can you love 'things' ?..............

Well, I was just wondering if you can love 'things' ?
This is a photo of my Teddy. He sits next to my bed - 70 years old this year- ( Teddy, not the bed ) and is looking a little sorry for himself to say the least !!
But this old ted has been mine since I was born and before that he was my mum's. He has always been with me and I used to think when I was little that if anything ever happened to the house - like a fire or flood- then Teddy would be the one thing that I would save.
To anybody else he probably looks pretty manky, but he was with me the night before I went travelling round the world, when I discovered my dad was having an affair, on Christmas Eve as I nestled in bed awash with excitement, and his old fur is stained with tears of love.
He was my friend when times were hard and I knew I could tell him anything and he would never lie, never tell my secrets. He just gave the best cuddles.
Pretty silly I know. Now the people in my life are special and I don't need old Teddy, but part of me hates to say that in case he is listening and I hurt his feelings.
O.k, now you are thinking that I really am a nut!! But I wonder if you have some special old chap like Teddy sitting in retirement somewhere in your house ?


Farm Wife said...

Doogan is a giant yellow stuffed dog who now resides in the bottom of BabyGirl's closet. I think my Uncle Greenteeth gave him to me for my first birthday, and he's always been there. I don't think you're crazy at all. It would be a shame to loose something as precious as Ted.

BTW, you have Beautiful eyes!

Joshua said...

First, I want to say, THANK YOU for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Everyone knows that comments make the blog go round.

Second, I'm a pack-rat, so just about anything would qualify for this type of thing. I don't usually use stuffed animals. I will name certain things as special and cherish them forever. Usually small silly things like rings or similar items (i.e. school class rings)

Please, come back and read my blog! ;) Liked your entry too!

trixie stix said...

I can honestly say that I still have my "otto," a stuffed sea otter. He sleeps under our bed (in a storage box). It's just nice to know that a little piece of my childhood is still with me each day as I work to create memorable exeperiences with my children. I think we all need these special items to re-connect with ourselves and our past.