Saturday, 24 March 2007


Mmmmmm. Bunco. What can I say? 16 women. Dice. Presents. Cash.Wine.

The first thing I noticed was that they were all incredibly tall. I am 5' nothing and spent a lot of the night with a crick in my neck. Incredibly tall and well dressed. I went as a Malteser. They didn't.Enough said.

I am not a big drinker. I was driving so I was not drinking at all. They drank. Alot. I thought that this would improve my chances of winning, but it did not. Despite my overwhelming competetive instinct, there was no skill involved at all. Just throw the dice. Count the score. If you get 3 of a kind you shout "Bunco!!!!" and choose a prize.

I won a prize. First thing I've won since I won a shower cap in the school tombola. I, being sober, decided to go for a small gift in a bijou gift bag. Don't go for the large flamboyant parcel, I thought. Should have gone for the large, flamboyant one. Good things do not always come in small packages. I won a wallet.With some chocolate money. The wallet is brown. I don't like it.

O.k.That is enough now. Yes, I am an ungrateful, small-minded cow. I admit it and I am not proud. But I went as a Malteser...........................have some pity.


Margot said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, I can understand how you must have felt.
I don't drink, I've felt that "outsider" feeling before...
You didn't have a great night, so what? You're not to feel ashamed or as an ungrateful cow just because you tell the truth about how you felt.
If I have to go to some party sometime, I'll definitely go as a Malteser ;-)

trixie stix said...

Well, I have a group of friends who play, but they lovingly call it "drunko." Now, I do enjoy a glass of wine here and there, but, like you will not drink and drive, so I am familiar with your feelings. Unfortunately, I haven't found a remedy - maybe chocolates would be a good remedy!?

Remember - you are a specatcular lady and we love you!

Sarah said...

Ah, Margot and Trixie - you are both lovely!! Don't worry, I have not been too terribly scarred by Bunco!! And, yes, chocolate is a great healer. S