Sunday, 25 March 2007

How excited am I...........???

I am sooooooooo excited!!! I got an invitation from my brother and his wife. They live in France, in the middle of nowhere with a beautiful dog and a million cats, including a 3 legged ginger called Barbarossa. They have decided after several years that it is time to come home to England, but first they are having a party.

And not just an ordinary party. The invitation asks us to arrive on the Thursday or Friday for a long lunch mingling into a long dinner. Saturday will be spent with another long lunch, a treasure hunt for the kids and rounders ( kind of like softball), then a pig roast in the evening with live music and general good times to be had by all!!!

How cool is that ? And there will be about 50 people!! Friends, family, children, animals, tents in the orchard, wine , laughter and talking and dancing. Not for a while yet so it will be summer and hot.

I've siezed the day, booked our flights and can't wait. Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!


Margot said...

This is indeed very exciting!!!
Where are they in France? 'Cause if it's not far away, you might well receive a second invitation :-)

trixie stix said...

Have a wonderful time. It sounds heavenly.

PS ~ Just jump in, try the yarn and knitting.