Wednesday, 27 June 2007

T o interfere or not to interfere......

There I was, eating my dinner with my Man and my children. We had had a lovely day and all was well with the world. Then the phone went. Up I got to answer it and lo and behold it was my Mum. Lovely - I hadn't spoken to her for a couple of days. As I settled myself down on the sofa for a chat Son #1 came in, dangling a large, live spider from a book, over my head.

" Aaaaaagh !!!!!!! Get that away from me !!! Go away !! Go away !! " I said politely. Well, maybe I did raise my voice a tad, but hey, wouldn't you ??!!

At the other end of the phone my Mum lost the plot: " Oh, Sarah, how can you talk to him like that ? Oh, that poor child ! " What ? The poor child was grinning from ear to ear at this moment. " Oh, come on Mummy, he had a spider that was dangling over me! He's a horrible child ! "

" No, no, don't say that. How can you say such things to your poor boys ?" Seriously, she was practically crying. I couldn't believe it. This is the woman who can't talk to the children without yelling. You would have though that my boy was cowering in a foetal position in the corner. He was, in fact, holding my hand still grinning. My Mum is of the opinion that my sister and I are dreadful mothers. My brothers, however, can do no wrong. In fact, my sister and I are normal, nice people who have ups and downs, but basically a great relationship with both our kids and our husbands.

There are times when Mums should take a step back and think a bit. Well, my Mum should. I am pretty sick of being judged. There you go. Rant over.

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