Wednesday, 30 July 2008

So much stuff...

I was shopping the other day in Tescos when I looked up and just found myself thinking:

"Why is there soooooooo much stuff ????"

I was in the drinks aisle and it was crammed as far as I could see with this drink and that drink. Fizzy. Fruit.Powdered. This brand. That brand. Oh Good Grief. This is obscene. When it comes down to it all you really need is water. Maybe some milk.It just summed up the waste, the huge meaningless obsession with " things ". There was no point in having this many drinks... and in the next aisle that many cereals.

My mind started to multiply my supermarket through the towns in my county, the counties in my country, in europe, in the Northen Hemispere, in the Southern Hemisphere.... All this waste, all this packaging, all this greed. And where does it all go ? A lot goes into the bin... the packaging for certain and more worryingly the products themselves. When you just don't fancy it after all and the sell by date goes past so you just chuck it... Haven't you done that ?

How is this going to end ? I am starting to worry more and more... and I don't know what to do. I feel like I should move my family to somewhere far away... a piece of land with our own well, some livestock and our own crops. But I know that won't happen. We are heading like lemmings into the end of Mankind...

Gosh, that's cheery isn't it. But something to think about ?

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trixie stix said...

You make a great point. Why do we need all this stuff? I read a great book about and experiment of not buying anything new (but necessities) for one year.