Thursday, 31 July 2008

What to do ??

Having spent most of my day by myself I went to pick up the boys from cricket with a calm feeling of contentment. I looked forward to seeing them again. I needn't have bothered. We had not even managed to get halfway home before son# 2 was being aggressive verbally and downright rude. I stayed calm. I understood that he was tired, maybe thirsty, hungry.

At home he continued in his strop. And then son# 1 joined in. He had thought it a good idea to put a raw egg in a jar with some milk and sugar then leave it in the airing cupboard. His plan had been to leave it whilst we went on holiday and then open the lid to reveal a stink bomb. Oh what fun it would have been to see our faces as we searched to find where the dreadful smell was coming from.

As you can imagine I didn't find this plan particularly endearing. In fact I was one unhappy bunny. In the words of my brother-in-law I was " sparkling " magnificently. So, by 4pm I had 2 very very stroppy boys. They screamed ,they threw things ( in their bedrooms, to which they had both been sent ). They were rude to the extreme, although I did have to stifle a smile when my eldest son's worst insult to me was " I hate you, you horrible person !!!!! " Thank goodness he is well mannered even in stroppiness !!! By well mannered I mean, at least, in comparison to words that he could have used ( but did not as they would have been his last )

So, that's 2 boys banned from the computer until school starts again. They did, eventually calm down and are now fine. I am glad to report that I dealt with it all really rather well. I was cool, calm, in control, reasonable. I must be getting better at this mothering lark because a few years ago I would have been in pieces. Ah well.

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