Sunday, 3 August 2008

Chicken Pie and Family Tree

What a lovely couple of days I've had... I seem to be very calm and chilled out at the moment... probably won't last. Still, I have been working like mad on the Family Tree. This time I have been looking at my husband's side of the family and have discovered new information. I love it - you know its as if you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle and every time I go back to it there are new pieces of the tree that fit together, new people to be found, and I am the first person to have found them in a hundred years or more. How cool is that ??

I have gone back to the 1700's with one part of the family and when I started on my mother-in-law's side I connected all sorts of things. We have a very old book, the memoirs of a First World War soldier, complete with old photograph, and I have discovered that he is my boys' Great Uncle. How wonderful !! There is so much information and I am the only one who knows about it all - on both sides of our families !!

On a slightly more mundane, but I have to say delicious note ( if you can have delicious notes ??!! ), I have cooked a pretty yummy looking chicken pie for tea. Son# 2 shelled lots of broad beans to go with it and new potatoes and carrots. Should be good. I'll let you know !!

This is one very happy camper signing off for now !!

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