Saturday, 27 September 2008

Bursitis..... ouch!

I have not written my blog for ages and it is because I have been laid low by.....bursitis. Not a very glamorous condition, but certainly a painful one. I am not sure how it happened, possibly swimming a bit too enthusiastically, but happen it did. My husband is equally flummoxed by how or why it came on as he says I don't do anything to cause such an affliction. Caused by too much housework ? I think not.

One day I was fine and dandy. That afternoon my shoulder started to ache. That night I couldn't sleep because of the pain. For the next week I couldn't lift my arm more than a couple of inches from my side and it was agony. I was on anti-inflammatories, paracetamol, then codeine, then stronger anti-inflammatories. I couldn't sleep, couldn't dress, couldn't even clean my teeth with my right arm.

Obviously I was incredibly brave and hardly moaned at all. Much. I like to think that the pain gave me a strained, grey and yet amazingly glamorous aspect. My face was drawn and pale, yet serene and beautiful through it all.....

Yes, well, I have obviously been reading rather too many novellas.

The good thing is that I have fought my way through the pain and am now fine. I also, thanks to the UK's prescribing policy, have enough drugs to set up a pharmacy or kill a small elephant. For those of you out there who are partial to paciderms, please do not worry - I promise that all such creatures are safe whilst I am in charge of the Hertfordshire codeine mountain. I am, however, in these troubled financial times, considering setting up as a drugs baron.

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Josh said...

I'm glad you're doing ok sweets! Being in pain sucks, but at least you were given the "good stuff" to help ease the pain.

I'm now a follower of your blog!!