Thursday, 8 January 2009

Feeling low...

Its one of those times. I have felt all day that I was losing confidence... not good at my job... in a job that is menial... crap wife... overweight... not particularly good at anything. Then I had a " discussion" with my Man over his dad. So then I was in tears and feeling like %*&@.

I have had really mean e-mails from my brother this week, Christmas with my mum was awful, my fingers are sore and bleeding from biting my hangnails. I am distancing myself from most of my friends. All in all I have had enough. I am lonely and fed up have no money. I look at other blogs and envy other lives. I wonder why I have no real purpose and no confidence in myself. I just want to cry and cry. Today is a shit day.


Gail said...

Here's my shovel, I am digging you out. The same way you rescued me eight days ago. Block brother's emails, his loss.
Run, run, run and with each step, drop your trouble off.
You are not fat, I have seen your pictures. You are a very beautiful women. The problem with our confidence is the media hype and the sickly skinny models. On America's Top Model, a larger woman won this past year, not size zero, or even an ten.
Put hot pepper on your fingernails! You won't bite them too much then.
No job is menial. Every job has a purpose and we have a purpose whether we realize it or not.
You are a precious person with a big heart and a big value.
I am digging you out!
I can't answer the money problem but there is joy in things that do not cost. The lovely pictures you have posted have shown wonderful places to be and just commune with nature.
I know you are there, like, right! How can I get up after all this crap?
Been there, still digging.
What can I do?
This shovel works on shit too!

Sarah said...

Gail, you made me cry with your shovel... but in a good way. I am so fortunate to know you. Thank you for your words. Sarah x