Friday, 17 April 2009

Willies Delectable chocolate - a taste test and where to find it.Scrumptious!

Great excitement in our house this morning as the postman arrived with our Willie's Delectable chocolate from Son #1 was particularly impatient to unwrap and taste the delectable chocolate squares!We found the info on where and how to order on Willie's ingenious web site - really quirky and interesting!And we decided to order online, which was quick and easy.

The cylinder of cooking chocolate is yet to be tested, but will be going into a rissotto at a later stage. I was surprised by how small it was - somehow I expected it to be bigger, but I don't think that is too important really.

Now. The tasting.Having unwrapped the golden paper we were faced with a square of dark chocolate... 70%, San Martin. I broke a corner and placed the chocolate on my tongue. At this point I have to admit that I am not a fan of dark chocolate and will usually avoid it. But this?Very slowly it began to melt in my mouth. I resisted any urge to chew, preferring the experience to be long and lingering!

The box label tells me to expect fruity flavours, but, to tell the truth, they did not come through to me. What did come through was rich, smooth, real, real chocolate flavour. There was absolutely no bitterness, none of the caffeiney aftertaste - just luxurious chocolate pleasure.

Its the sort of chocolate that you do not need to finish in one go. A corner, melted in the mouth of an evening would suit me fine - a little glimpse of heaven and something exquisite to look forward to after a long day.I found myself with my eyes shut, savouring the delectability and thinking " God, that's good..."