Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ballet Isabella McGuire Mayes diary extracts Great Britons British Airways

I saw this video courtesy of Elise's blog The Royal Ballet. This young dancer is incredible and she needs your vote to help her with her quest to become a truly great dancer.

Please watch - it will be a lovely few minutes and you won't regret it!


Elise said...

Thanks Sarah ! Fingers crossed - I'm sure all the short-listed candidates are good but as you say, I think Isabella is extraordinary and every little helps when it comes to her financial support.

p.s. NO pressure - I mean that - but just to let you know that the first interview is in and ready to go to press with one of your brilliant drawings. AND, I'm negotiating to get it in the papers too for you( if you're happy with that).

Sarah said...

Hi Elise. I am so thrilled that you like my drawings and the thought of them being alongside your article in a paper!!! Do I mind??? Er... no. I am so chuffed. In fact I had better go and draw right now!!

This young dancer is amazing... I love seeing her progression.S

Gail said...

I read the!