Monday, 20 July 2009

Ballet sketches....don't laugh...

I am a follower and avid reader of Elise's blog the Royal Ballet and I mentioned some time ago that I used to enjoy sketching ballet dancers. I just love the way their bodies move and verge on obsession with pointe shoes!! She , very flatteringly, asked me to do some sketches for her blog. Well, its a long time since I sketched anything, but I decided to give it a go.

I spent this afternoon hidden away with my pencil and water colour pad trying to do some drawings of dancers. These are my first efforts. Some I like, others I am not so keen on.But, what I have discovered is that I enjoy drawing and am going to continue so that I get better.

I hope you like them and I would recommend a visit to Elise - her blog is fascinating.

Please click on them to ge a better look as they are a bit on the pale side.

Having looked at them on the blog.... they are very faint. I will have to have a go with pen and ink I think, Elise, but I will try again. I feel a bit embarrassed putting them on here... please don't worry if you don't like them!


Gail said...

An artist, too! You wear many hats!

Elise said...


I'm speechless. They are utterly perfect ! I love your style - it's exactly the kind of drawing I was looking for.

Never in a million years did I think that I might be able to commission a drawing, as it were, for my site, when I can only offer a credit and a link to the artist.

I would be honoured to have your drawings on my site !

I agree with you that they are a tiny bit pale - I think as a header shot for my new interview series I would need something a tiny bit bolder so that it stands out - but these are definately right.

I don't really have anything fixed in my mind about what the drawing actually shows, I just want to get the feeling of transition from being a student to being a paid member of a professional company. And, I am interviewing male and female dancers so the drawing needs to depict both in some way. Sorry, I'm not asking much am I !

But your drawings are excellent and I'm really pleased if I've encouraged you to start up again.

Sarah said...

Oh gosh.Thank you. I am so relieved!! I shall get drawing and inking.S

Kork said...

Sarah - these are so amazingly beautiful! What talent you have! I hope you continue to brush up your skills, and make time to draw...

Kerrie said...

I think you have been hiding your talents my dear!
The ballet is wonderful but i am ashamed to say I do spend a lot of it looking at the men in tights.

omchelsea said...

You need to illustrate ballet books :) so many of them have terrible feet or knees but you have just the right line here :)