Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Shallow blog follower love and serious droney stuff...

I am thrilled to see that I am approaching 50 followers... Now, you may consider me to be shallow and a tad narcississtic ( is that how you spell it??) and you would be right to think that... but for me the thought of nearly 50 people having visited me and having had the energy to click the follow button is just fab!!!

So... if you are reading this and you want to make my day even more gorgeous then do feel free to click away and make my liitle band of followers a nice round 50!! I will come over to your blog and bathe you with adoration!!

Now... to matters of life.My life, I am happy to report, is going along swimmingly. Yes, its busy and I seem to spend most of my time taxiing one child or another to various sporting events, but on the whole I consider myself very lucky.

This has been brought home to me this week in a serious way.My brother in law's neighbour - dad to 2 young boys and a man of only about 40 years old, has passed away.He had been suffering from cancer for the last year or so. I did not really know him, but my Man worked with him for a while and his young wife works in the same business as my husband. I met her last Christmas when we went to drinks at my brother in law's house on Christmas Eve.She was young and beautiful with her little boys barely more than toddlers.

To think that those little fellas will be facing Christmas without their Daddy this year is just dreadful.To think of that young woman having to face life without her man is tragic.It makes you realise how fragile our link with life is.You just have to live every day, enjoy every moment.Sometimes, when life is full of worries and annoyances it takes quite a bit to be able to stop and think.Ones own worries mount up and consume your life, but really, all that matters is that you have your health and your loved ones close to you.

Another thing that struck me over the last few days was 9/11.I was watching a documentary about it with my 11 year old son and I was amazed and a little shocked to realise that he did not know much about it.He knew that lots of people had died, but did not know how.I just assumed that the horrific image of the planes flying into the Twin Towers was burned into everyones memory, as it is into mine.

But when I think of it, he was only 4 when it happened.How could he know? I have protected him from those images.We spoke about it the other night and I explained what had happened, but I still did not want him to see the film of it. It is too upsetting, too awful.I will never forget that day - watching in horror as events unfolded - not understanding what was happening and then just sobbing as I sat with my friend and watched the news.

Its strange how terrible things happen... things that make such a massive impact on our lives... and yet they are unknown to others.I suppose its my job to make sure my children know about these events, in a way that they understand and yet doesn't frighten them.

Well... I have droned on a bit tonight. If you are still reading... then congratulations! You have true stamina!!Oh... and if you are still reading and you haven't signed up to follow my blog yet... go on... I'll love you forever!!!


Gail said...

I can't be number fifty but I can keep on reading.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not number 50 either but I truly enjoyed the post:)
Somehow it seemed to encompass much of what has transpired in my own life this past week. A close relatives brush with death, the trauma of the Trade Centers (I just couldn't watch it again - I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to)
As I get older, I understand just how quickly life can change. When things get crazy, I slow down and think of how thankful I am for all that I have.
Thanks for a great read:)

Kerrie said...

Sorry I can't make it fifty either but I can give you a virtual hug....did you enjoy it?

Renee' said...

Okay, I joined; I was #49. It was a pleasure to do so. I love the jazzy little music and overall atmosphere. I still need to add personality to mine. I hope you do come over and have a look. I started a little over a month ago and jump for joy whenever I get a new visitor. I "follower" makes me turn a cartwheel right here in the office. :)

I liked your comments about clearing out the clutter of little worries from time to time and having appreciation for the true riches in our lives: health and love. Thanks for the reminder.

I also share your thoughts on 9/11. My son is 9 and, for some reason, this felt like the year to really talk with him about it. What a heavy-hearted job it is to educate our children about evil, but better us than anyone else.

I think we're going to get along famously! See you later.

sarah said...

You know, ladies... you may not be able to sign up to follow again... but you were my originals, my favourites.You are pre 50 and gorgeous with it!!

Renee - welcome!! I am so chuffed to have you here and you are my special 49!! Am I being a bit patronising tonight?? I don't mean to.I am on my way to visit you.
Sarah xx

Kork said...

Hoping that your #50 will arrive soon!!! :D

Sending prayers for the family you mentioned, and will be thinking of her and her little ones.

I forget that there are those out there, much like I am with JFK, that only see the images after the fact, and that reading about it and hearing it will never make the same impact as actually watching it happen!

Layla said...

I LOVE the music on your site so I subscribed too!! :)