Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What happened to the easy life??

a lazy day of Summer...

You may have noticed that my blog has lain unattended for far longer than is the norm.If you didn't notice... well, bear with me and be kind. Pretend you missed me like mad... The reason for my absence is a combination of events.It seems that the long lazy days of Summer are a thing of the past... a distant dream that I hold in my mind with fondness.

Having spent the Summer painting, drawing,reading....Oh, Gosh, how I miss it.... I find myself back in the throes of term time family life.Up at 7am, working,organising meals, organising children and their homework/sport/music,organising shopping for food... The list of stuff goes on and I am beginning to feel like the CEO of a major company - only they would have a PA to do all this #### whilst they went for power lunches.

No power lunches in my life, folks.I'm lucky to grab a coleslaw and corned beef sandwich... and that's on a good day!!

Still, please don't think I'm moaning about it all. Well, actually I am moaning, but its a light hearted one. The thing is though... where has all the "me time" gone?? Right now its 8.15pm and the boys are watching England play football on tv.This is the first time I've sat down all day and I just don't know how I am going to fit in running, or painting,or studying....or blogging.

The only way its going to happen is if I get up even earlier.Its going to have to be 6am for my run and I may have to buy a truck load of WD40 so I can oil my family machine and get us all to the places we need to go on time. I suppose I could sit back and make my life easier by just catering to all of these men in my world, but I am sooooooooooo not going to give up the things I enjoy.

I want to do all the activities I love... and more. Perhaps I should buy rocket boosters or a space time continuum device?


Elise said...

Well, I had genuinely wondered what had happened to you ! Good to hear you are back, albeit with difficulty.

I don't know how you squeeze everything in, especially the drawing which surely needs time and peace and quiet for the creative juices to flow... I know that's what I need when I'm working on something creative.

Good on you for pulling it all off !

Kork said...

I'm glad you're ok, and only busy with school starting back up!

I'm with you!! This time of year is sort of crazy...sigh...

ABellaBlog said...

Glad you're back.
Can't do without seeing what you've painted & reading what you're up to!
Always amazing art !!!

Sue Jacquette said...

I keep telling everyone now that I'm back to work, I need a wife! A woman's work is never done...

Kerrie said...

I was pining away honest. Not sure I like the sound of corned beef and coleslaw!

Sarah said...

Thank goodness you chaps are all still here!! I thought maybe I would have no readers by now!!!

And, Kerrie,corned beef and coleslaw is to die for!! S


pve design said...

In the midst of Summer - I was anxious for the routine of School to begin, but now that it is upon me, I miss those languid days of Summer.
Make a schedule and find time for you, to paint, breath, swing and absorb a beautiful, but busy life!
I feel your pain.