Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Don Juan and the hectic life of a woman...

Here I am, trying to write an essay on Byron's Don Juan, whilst cooking tea, ferrying children to football and tennis and also acting as diplomat/boxing referee for the kids. Oh, and writing letters for my husband.

I have done copious notes for the essay, began writing it all up and discovered that I had written 500 words just on rhyme and meter.Ooops.I still had to write about caesura, enjambment, imagery, meaning and do a comparison with the other bleeding poem.I had really got into my notes and am gutted that I can't fit it all in. I somehow have to find a way to get all the salient points in, without it sounding like I am texting. I think that would be the only way to get my essay in under the word spec..... if I just miss out all the vowels.

Despite the pressure of another assignment being due in ( next Wednesday ) my life is overflowing with things to do. They are all good and all enjoyable... there are simply too many of them... work, meals out, reunions,reading,studying... I would like to go for a run, but I don't have the time, unless I get up at the crack of dawn. I am going to bed earlier and earlier to be able to get up earlier and do stuff like get dressed, put slap on,make pack lunch for son,eat breakfast...

And during all this my boys are niggling each other and being a pain.I am bored of it I really can't be bothered to get all wound up and tell them off so I am just sending them to bed ever earlier too. Before you know it we will all be in bed by 7pm each night.

I think I must be starting to get hormonal because I am feeling fat and moany, even though I know I have not broken my diet and have lost 10 pounds.Nobody seems to have noticed that I am practically wasting away. So that starts me thinking... my scales must be wrong... I must be as fat as ever...How evil are these hormones?? They know just where to strike a woman... in our soft fat underbellies...

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Urban Cynic said...

I wouldn't worry; everyone I've spoken to this week seems to be manically busy including myself.

*Tell your husband to write his own letters
*Tell your kids to leave your range of vision & hearing & argue in the bathroom
*They haven't said anything because if they do & you haven't then they'd feel embarrassed
*Get on with your essays & enjoy them!

You're doing brilliantly. x