Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Friends reunited.

On Saturday I am meeting up with 3 girls I knew at University. We shared a dorm or should I say our rooms were off the same corridor in our halls of residence in our first year.Two of them were medical students, the other did... economics I think.I haven't seen the two med students for 24 years. The other girl I ran into in a campsite restaurant in the Dordogne a couple of years ago.

So.... it will be strange to see them again. One of them sent me some photos of her and her family and she really has not changed - maybe a few more lines, but I would have recognised her straight away in the street.My campsite friend looks the same too. I wonder what the third one will be like? Part of me is looking forward to seeing them.Part of me thinks that there is always a reason you don't keep in touch with people...

Still, I am old enough and relaxed enough to enjoy the day out without feeling pressured to become bosom buddies again.Not that there will be any pressure.I think we are all just a little curious to see how we turned out.

So.... what do I wear? Do I go comfy, in jeans and a sweater? Or chic in a little dress and boots? Do I bejewel or stay simple? You know what women are like... even though you are trying to be nice and genuine and good, you cannot help but look at the other girls' shoes, bag, nails, jewellery. Not that I will judge....much.....God... how shallow am I?? Oh, yes, that's right.... very.


Urban Cynic said...

You need to look effortlessly hot. No debating the matter.

Sarah said...

oh yes. aint that the truth!! S

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