Monday, 1 February 2010

An inspiration.

         My friend came into work today to visit. She is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment as she was diagnosed with breast cancer some months ago.She is just the most amazing woman.She has lost all her hair and today was wearing a beautiful pink bandana on her head. She is so beautiful.I don't mean in a Beyonce kind of a way, or a made up, perfect, glossy way. She is a mum with all the insecurities and failings that all we middle aged women have. What I mean is that she has such a character, a strength of character that shines through and makes her beautiful.She makes her illness easy for the rest of us. She is so up front, so honest. There is no embarrassment, no whispers, no fear of talking to her. Everyone is glad to see her and unafraid to talk about everything - from how her chemo is going and how she is feeling through to silly everyday stuff and rude jokes.People don't turn away in embarrassment when they see her...people go to her because she makes being with her easy... a pleasure.

I don't quite know how she does it, but she does it with style.If ever I were to fall ill I would hope that I could cope with it the way she has. I know she has moments of misery... probably more than moments.But she is one special lady and she is inspiring in her positivity and honesty. At this point, if she was reading this she would probably say something rude to me and I would be rude back, but I just wanted to put this down on "paper". There are people in our lives who touch us and make a difference.I wouldn't say that she is my bosom buddy, she has many friends far closer to her than I am, but I love her as a person and she has made a difference in my life. I look forward to when she is through all this treatment and can feel truly fit and healthy again.She is one good woman.                                                                             

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