Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Northanger Abbey and Facebook for 'da in crawd'.

I am waiting for the result of my last essay. It was about Northanger Abbey and... well... and something or other that wasn't that interesting.It is odd though ... knowing that you have worked hard on something and that someone else is reading it, assessing it.I have no idea whether it will come back with a ghastly mark or a brilliant mark.Whatever... as the young people would say...

Talking of young people... I commented on my nephew's Facebook page this week. He had written in that sort of texty, ungrammatically correct 'speak' that 'ima move there any time soon.' Ima move there?' I commented 'Where is you movin?? Da ghetto??'

Needless to say my witty remark was removed pretty sharpish by said young man. He did, however, direct message me to say that he appreciated my caustic humour, but that having such comments from old aunties on your Facebook page when you are 15 is ...... 'social suicide'

Social suicide?? Poor thing. Thank goodness for the delete button!

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Gail said...

You know your grade on your paper will be fantastic.

I liked the remark but then I am older. I do not visit grandson's facebook for fear I would shame him.