Friday, 5 November 2010

A week of spooky happiness.

I have had a good week this week, complete with spookiness, friendliness and success. I have tidied my house and this in turn inspired my lovely husband to follow suit. The houses is neat, tidy, clean and uncluttered. We have, as a family, decided to put things away when we have used them and to keep everything looking as neat as possible.

At work all is lovely and I even had a spooky moment! I was in a room with a colleague when she went to leave. She reached for the door knob, but before she could touch it it was opened from the other side of the door. I saw the handle go down and she moved away from the door to let the person in .... only there was nobody there. After a second or two she opened the door and the corridor was empty.We just looked at each other...

Something happened today at work which was lovely. I was due to be there until the end of the day when news came through that my son's cross country competition was starting earlier than planned. My immediate thought was that I would have to sort out a lift for him and miss his race, but my colleagues leapt straight in before I could say anything. They offered to cover for me so I could leave early. How kind is that? I was so touched by the way they wouldn't hear of me missing his race. Lovely.

And the success? Well, that came in the form of my son. He ran in a cross country race and ran a blinder. Absolutely fantastic to see him both enjoying the run and doing so well. He was thrilled too as he and his team  did brilliantly.My throat is sore from shouting him and his team mates on and I am sitting here feeling relaxed and happy.

So... maybe my week is not the stuff of film scripts and thrillers, but it suited me fine!


Gail said...

You can't beat this day, it served up lots of good things.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me, this is the stuff that dreams are made of.. ;) I'm happy you enjoyed yourself and kudos to your son! :)